Saturday, May 18, 2013

Changes Here at YM/OM

You might have noticed some pretty significant visual changes if this is the first time you've come to Young Man/Old Man in a while. I was just getting kind of sick of the super dark background. I also cleaned up the side widgets, and will probably do so more (particularly the blogs section).

However, there are some more significant and important changes here, and at my other blogs as well. I've decided to stop posting on all other blogs, and just merge everything to this one.

The primary reason I decided to do this is because of convenience. If you recall from my list of other blogs, I had, in addition to this one, four other blogs. Five blogs is an absurd number for anyone. Especially because I was not consistent with any of them. Hopefully this will allow me to keep up with this whole blogging thing, because I do like it. This will mean that I will post other things here than clothes, like photographs, and essays on a Christian worldview, particularly through literature, so if that offends you,  you might want to steer clear of here.

I also wanted to present a more coherent view of my life. It's not all bow-ties and high-waters over here.

I imported all the other posts from my other blogs. I don't know how this affected those of you who follow on RSS or other things. I apologize if this totally jacked up your feed reader.

I'll leave the other blogs up (except the Tumblr, which I already deleted - it was nothing but a reblogger of my other blogs) for some amount of time, but I won't post any more on them.

I hope you enjoy the changes, and stick around.

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