Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chesterton on Skepticism

When he drops one doctrine after another in a refined scepticism, when he declines to tie himself to a system, when he says that he has outgrown definitions, when he says that he disbelieves in finality, when, in his own imagination, he sits as God, holding no form of creed but contemplating all, then he is by that very process sinking slowly backwards into the vagueness of the vagrant animals and the unconsciousness of the grass. Trees have no dogmas. Turnips are singularly broad-minded.

G.K. Chesterton, Heretics

I wrote a little essay after reading this passage. It is quite obviously an attempt to parrot Chesterton's style, and I'm sure a failed one, but I kind of like it. Especially since I wrote it down in a notebook first. I'll put it up sometime in a few days. I'll be back to trad soon, I promise.

(note - I finally got the posts from my Wordpress blog here, so that's the reason for the huge jump in post numbers. I haven't edited all the posts, so some of the pictures are huge, but the first five or so pages should be good.)
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