Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Age of Man

In the past, when first elven-eyes looked up,
it is said that they sang. Sang to Varda.
Men have now advanced. Past ultimate gods
and the sweet dream of Eru, the One.
We know the stars for high, huge, perilous
arrangements of elements, nothing worth
song. Nothing worth adoration. Varda
was likely a deification of
their picture of beauty, and thus a goddess;
Illuvatar a glorification
of natural causes, and thus a god.

We have gone beyond trust.
We have gone beyond faith.
We have gone beyond hope.
We have gone beyond love.

We have gone.

And we are beyond.

This is a Tolkien legendarium poem. It was inspired by this article, and particularly Tolkien's comments about seeing many Sauromans around.
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