Monday, June 10, 2013

Just a Widening View

Doug Wilson (surprise, surprise) wrote a post a few days ago about all this Verizon/spygate nonsense, and all the other scandals surrounding President Obama lately. He focused in particularly on the Patriot Act, and how it started before Obama, with Bush. A good perspective. However, he added:
Now that said, I do hope all this hubristic spying business gets wrapped around Obama’s neck three or four times, and it looks like that is happening. Great, and yay. I confess that all these scandals plopping out of the sky have made his second term a much more pleasant prospect than I thought it was going to be. Ya Think?
 This is an interesting statement, and brings something up that I think we need to keep in mind.

It is my firm belief that this sort of thing has been going on for a long time (read this as hundreds of years: yup, even back before computers and stuff just made it easier), and that one of the only things that has changed with Obama's rule is that more is coming to light. I mean, Bush wrote the Patriot Act, for crying out loud. Is there any doubt that he was doing this kind of spying? Not in my mind. He just didn't get caught. So maybe his virtue as a president was just being sneakier at betraying the Constitution? I don't know.

And remember the NDAA? Who wrote that piece? Oh that's right. John McCain. The other guy.

Now I will grant that Obama fussed over not having personal autonomous authority over which citizens he gets to detain and kill, and that is certainly wrong, but hey, aren't we just squabbling over semantics at this point? After a certain degree of evil is reached, each increase yields diminishing returns.

So I don't think that all of this scandal that is falling on Obama's head is anything out of the norm for a President of the United States. I think the only real change from Bush to Obama is a widening view of it. And maybe that's a good change for the long run.
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