Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Old Man: Russell Street's Flag of Victory

Since the dust has mostly settled on the Ivy Style vs. Wasp 101 thing, and it seems that no-one really cares - although I suppose we'll have to wait until the congressman is up for re-election next to say for sure - I thought I would give another perspective on this, one which has been occurring more the more I think about this whole mess.


Let's go back a little, and bring in a third party (although they all might be one - who knows): Russell Street/JFM/Jim/Jimmy/Uncle Russ/two of every three menswear forum users.

His claim to fame was being the catalyst for the whole trad movement online. That he "trolled" it into being. It always struck me as a pretty arrogant claim.

He also claimed credit for creating the Ivy Style website, and particularly for bringing Christian to the trad world, and even more, making Christian what he is today.

How does he claim to have done all this? Trolling, of course. (for the uninitiated, trolling is making a statement for the sole purpose of getting a reaction. My high school students are masters at this)


OK, lets bring it back to Wasp vs. Ivy. How does Russell come into play here? Well, based on Christian's actions in this whole thing, it seems clear to me that, for once, Jim was not being merely arrogant, but was being arrogant and right. This whole thing is a giant trolling by Christian. He made an outrageous statement (not here outrageous because it was untrue - though I won't comment on that - but outrageous because of the enormity of the punishment for the total inconsequence of the crime *see digression below*) for the purpose of getting a reaction. It worked like gangbusters, of course, because Russell wouldn't claim a poor troll for his creation.

So congratulations, Christian. With your giant victory (I'm sure you made a whole lot of money from the traffic), you planted an even bigger victory flag for your arch-nemesis, Jimmy. I'm sure he will be happy to buy you a drink next time you're in London.

*Digression: This act by Christian was a truly inhumane act, cruel and unusual. I'm not trying to make the menswear "scene" a bigger deal than it is, and it is precisely how little this "scene" matters in real life that makes this punishment so much more cruel than the crime deserved. If Richard really is the congressman, and this affects his career, are you, Christian, prepared to take responsibility for ruining a man's career (one that he has supposedly worked his whole adult life on) because he bugged you online? Are you really that petty?

And by the way, those silly people who say that condemning Christian's actions necessitates backing Richard's comments are just that, silly. That is a totally fallacious statement. Richard was a goon. Christian behaved like a goon. They are not mutually exclusive. So there.
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