Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old Man: Sunday Style

Let us review the points of my Father's day this year. I hope to persuade you, after the facts are out, that I, and no other man, have the best wife and daughter in the world.

First, the present. My daughter (with my wife's help) made me three laminated bookmarks, made out of pictures of my sweet girl. This is not only adorable, but immensely practical, since I am always losing the flimsy little folded-paper bookmarks I use. Or just laying the book upside-down, which does not work.

Second, the breakfast. We had homemade chocolate-chip pancakes. Amazing.

Third, the lunch. We had a picnic on the porch, in the best weather ever recorded on a June afternoon in South Carolina. And not only that, but we had a pound of Smoking Pig brisket (I think it was a 75-25 split, in my favor), wisely bought yesterday afternoon.

And fourth, the as yet unrealized dinner, which will be even more animal products, in the form of burgers (probably two for me).

I am a very blessed father.

Oh ya, here's what I wore to the celebration this morning.

Glory to the One Father who is great.

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