Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Old Man: Two Shoes to Rule Them All

The Perception

I've gotten a rep amongst my family for having lots of shoes (sidebar: what do you call that kind of a person? A shoeshorse?). To give you an example of this rep, I'll tell you a story:

When my daughter was little (under one), she had shoes. And I mean a lot of shoes. Certainly more shoes than I have. But one family member quipped that she had "almost as many shoes as her daddy." 

Oh well. 

The Reality

While I've certainly had my fair share of shoes, and still do, I really only wear two pairs of shoes on a day-in, week-out basis. Sure, I do blog about clothes. And sure, because of that I have more shoes than most guys. I have boots that I don't wear a lot. I have running shoes that I wear much less frequently than I should (though sometimes I do run straight-up barefoot). I have flip-flops that have become my take the dogs out and pick up their poop shoes. 

But really, if I'm leaving the house, I'm in one of these two pairs of shoes.

LL Bean Signature blucher mocs and Allen Edmonds penny loafers

The Loafers

I can't remember what name AE gave to these shoes, but I think they discontinued them a while ago. I bought these on sale, at least. They have given yeoman's service, even when I wear them multiple times a week. The soles have started to develop a hole, but only one for each shoe, and only one layer of leather each. I blame it on the carpeted basketball court at school. These ain't made for sharp cuts like that.

I wear these as a first choice when I'm wearing 1) tie, 2) coat, or any combination thereof. Or, I guess that one combination thereof. 

But really, I spend probably 80% of my shoe-wearing time in these:

The Bluchers

And it shows. The soles are coming off properly in the front. You can see the loose stitching. The soles are pretty worn down as well, but no holes yet. Thankfully.

I say thankfully for many reasons, but one of the most hearty is that for some reason, LL Bean Sig dropped these. I can't find them when I check out the site anymore. I can't see why. They are the best shoes I've ever owned. No doubt. Comfortable, cool (I mean, come on, green suede), and hard wearing. These have been hiking, mudding (or the walking version of mudding I suppose), submerged, run in, and run on (thanks to my lovely daughter and my less lovely dogs). It will be a sad day when I have to let these go for good. Hopefully something else will turn up.

Don't say Rancourt. Don't you dare.

Unless you are Rancourt and want to give me a free pair. In that case, say away.

These are my first choice if wearing anything other than what I said up there ^ about the loafers. And sometimes even then.

What are your favorites? Your "one shoe to rule them all"?


Here's another shot of the bluchers. Just look at that stitching. 

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