Saturday, June 15, 2013

Young Man: Rings

No, not Lord of the Rings. Not this time.

I'm talking about real rings. Or at least about real rings other than wedding rings. The obvious choice is probably a class ring, but pizza makers/private school teachers don't make the scratch to afford a class ring. Not at Clemson's prices, anyways. Maybe someday.

Derek Shaw's Waskerd wooden rings are super cool, but I wanted something a bit more durable, and maybe a bit less expensive.

I knew that carbon fiber rings are durable, but also pretty expensive. In a fit of fantasy and wishful thinking, I was searching Etsy for carbon fiber rings, and happened upon KO Kreations, a shop which sells carbon fiber jewelry, particularly rings.
He (Kade, the owner) has been working with carbon fiber for years, and wanted to provide a low cost option for carbon fiber rings.

If you look around the store a little bit, you'll see all kinds of fancy stuff, but my wife and I chose the simplest one, in a flat finish. They look pretty cool. She wears hers (5 mm wide) on her right-hand ring-finger, and I wear mine (8 mm wide) on my right-hand pointer-finger. No photos of rings on fingers, but here are some of my ring. (If you want to see it in action, go to this post, and zoom in on the first picture)

These rings are great. I don't wear mine when I work out, because the first time I did a little of the finish rubbed off, but otherwise I wear mine pretty much all the time. They are super light and comfortable, once you get used to having a ring on a finger that normally has none.

I think it looks pretty cool, but obviously it is different for everyone, and I'm sure these will not appeal to all. But if you do like extra rings, and carbon fiber, give Kade a shout out. He's very easy to deal with and does great work.

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