Monday, July 8, 2013

Make Music Happen

My friend David Benedict is recording his first solo album. Check it out here, and help him out!

David Benedict - The Debut Solo Album

I play with David in an Irish band, and not only is he an incredible talent on many, many instruments (mandolin primarily, but also banjo, guitar, fiddle, drums, and too many others to list), he is a genuinely nice guy. He's an amazing talent, but also amazingly humble and encouraging.

Let me explain. If you're a musician and play with others, you might know this experience. There are great talents who, when you play with them, embarrass you with their talent. Whether this is intentional or not isn't really the question, but their virtuoso is too much for you. They don't inspire you to practice more, but to quit in frustration.

There are other great talents who, when you play with them, inspire you and make you want to practice more, not in the hope that you'll be as good as them (David is a born great, and those who aren't born with it can get close, but not there, not by a long shot), but in the hope that you'll be able to play with them and contribute to their music.

David is this kind of guy. Check this out: he wrote this tune.

Please, please help this kid out. If for no other reason, help him so that I can hear that album.

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