Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Young Man: Cap It Off

I like ballcaps. In my normal non-summertime life, when I have a regular job, I don't get to wear them a bunch (read at all), but I do like them. They're great for the weekend, when you jump out of bed and need to get somewhere (not church), but need to cover up that goofy hair-do you invited by letting your bed be your stylist (I don't have a stylist).

I've also been wearing them a lot during the summer, for that reason. Showers get a much lower priority when you're not being paid to stand in front of people.

(Sidebar: I still do take daily [ish] showers. Calm down)

So I thought I'd do a little post on my four favorite and most used hats. Check it out.


The Green One

This is the most popular. It's also the most beat up. Comes with the territory, I guess. I wore this one almost daily at the pizza joint, so it has all sorts of flour and grease locked deep in the fabric. That's why I like it.

It's also a green Clemson hat. Another reason.

Here's a good tip for a hot day, one that I picked up from the pizza joint, where the ovens were 500 degrees and the air conditioner stunk.

Soak your hat in water, and leave it in your giant walk-in freezer (I guess a regular freezer would work, too) until it is frozen stiff. Then wear it. The super cooling effect will last around six minutes, at which point you'll want to do it again. Make sure you have lots of free time, and repeat at will.

The Lighter Blue One

I picked this one up at MH Frank (there's a post about it somewhere around here). It's very classy and cool, and for that reason I hesitate to wear it most of the time.

It's also smaller than the other ones, and its ability to fit on my head depends on how long ago my last haircut was. I'm not kidding.

The Darker Blue One

This is an Anderson Cavs hat, bought to support my school's football team, which happens to be pretty good. I wear this to football games (duh), but also around town sometimes. It is neither as dear as the Smathers and Branson (palmetto) hat, nor as comfortable as the Irish tiger one, and so gets worn less.

The Black One

This is my slop hat. I wear it to run, so less sweat gets in my eyes/stains my glasses. Doesn't really work. I wear it to workout (awesome stuff like kettlebell juggling) for the same reason. Really doesn't work.

(See what I did there with word order? English teacher!)

It's gross, and so absolutely only gets worn on those occasions. However, it is black, and so doesn't actually look as gross as the IT one does. Go figure.

Here are some more photos. Same order:

OK, maybe it is pretty gross. Those salt stains aren't from fishing, folks.
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