Thursday, September 29, 2011

Young Man: Waskerd Wallets

Waskerd is a new company that makes handcrafted wallets, cardholders, key rings, and notecard holders. They have some really cool looking stuff.

Derek (the creator of Waskerd) e-mailed me a little while ago letting me know about his company and asked me to take a look at it. The products are great, but what caught my attention most was the level of craftsmanship and detail behind every product. Here's an excerpt from the website about just how meticulous Derek is.


Each item is ENTIRELY handcrafted from start to finish—the way skilled leather craftsmen have been doing for thousands of years.*
  • All of the leather is carefully measured by hand.
  • The leather is intricately cut by hand.
  • Every thread hole is individually punched by hand.
  • All of the tailoring and constructing is meticulously done by hand.
  • The Waskerd logo is embroidered by hand.
  • All of the stitching is sewn completely by hand with a needle and thread.
  • The edges are finished with a light hand sanding.
That asterisk up there corresponds to this sentence: "No electricity or power tools are used to make Waskerd products." Pretty impressive.

I know that I appreciate when companies really take pride in what they make. Especially for something like a wallet, when it gets used everyday. Even if you don't pull it out all the time, you're sitting on it (well, maybe) the whole day, and it needs to hold up to that level of abuse. From the website and what Derek and I have been talking about, it really seems like Waskerd falls into this category.

I'm very impressed what I've seen and read so far. Derek was nice enough to offer me a wallet to test out and review here. I gladly accepted.

Check out Derek's site Waskerd, and look for a review of the wallet here, after I get it and get a chance to test it out. My current wallet is a Summit Creek Dry Goods (aka Zissou), and I love it, so the Waskerd one has some big shoes to fill. But something tells me it won't have any trouble.


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Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I checked them out on their website. I like the hand-made aspect, though one may have to empty their current wallet to purchase these wallets.

Still nice, though.