Saturday, October 1, 2011

Young Man: T-Shirts

Go Tigers! Big season so far. Still cautiously optimistic though.

My wife and daughter bought this t-shirt for me today. Best shirt ever.


A well-dressed palmetto tree.

Chicks dig guys in bow ties. *I make no claims as to the accuracy of this statement*

Awesome. Got my Waskerd wallet in the mail today (thanks Derek). I'll have a review up shortly. Enjoy the weekend.



Brandon said...

Nice t-shirt. Where'd you pick it up from?

Anonymous said...

where can you buy this shirt??

Anonymous said...

where can you buy this shirt?

Unknown said...

They bought it from TigerTown graphics, a store in downtown Clemson.

I don't know if they have that shirt on the website, but I'm sure you can call or email and get one.