Thursday, October 6, 2011

Young Man: Waskerd Wallets, pt. 2: The Review

Here's the review of the Waskerd wallet Derek sent me.

Derek sent me an Astoria model in a new light brown leather that isn't on the website yet. The Astoria is a three pocket folding wallet: two on the inside, one on the outside. I really like this setup because I can keep my most used cards (debit and ID) on the outside for easy access, and keep everything else on the inside. My old wallet only has one pocket, and you have to unflap it to get anything, which can be annoying.

The leather is really nice. It's a soft, sueded type leather (which surprised me), but it feels really sturdy. It's reassuring quality-wise to know that Derek makes every wallet by hand, and that he stands by all his wallets with a guarantee. I've had the wallet for half a week, so I can't make a sweeping statement about the quality or longevity of this wallet, but I have a feeling it will keep up with me.

Overall, I really love this wallet. I have no problem (so far) recommending this wallet to my readers. Derek is also a super nice guy and answers emails quickly and in a friendly manner. Enough with the talk; on to the pictures.

Here's the packaging, complete with a handwritten note. I love this kind of thing.

Even the box has the Waskerd logo stitched on it in leather. Awesome. 

It just keeps getting better. Leather business card, orange cord wrapping (hopefully not for the Hokies: sorry if so Derek!)
Here's the front of the wallet, with the outside pocket.

And here are the two inside pockets. 

This wallet easily holds everything that fit in my other wallet, and since it will stretch with time, it'll be able to hold even more. I'm pretty excited to see how the wallet changes colors and adapts with my use. It's a really nice wallet. Thanks so much Derek for letting me have it and review your stuff. It's been a pleasure.

If anyone wants additional pictures, let me know and I can supply them. Let me know what you guys think of this wallet.


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