Thursday, October 6, 2011

Young Man/Old Man x The Cordial Churchman Cordies

Or what I like to call the collaboration of all time.

Some of you might recall seeing my paracord "croakies" in past posts. Well Andy over at The Cordial Churchman saw potential and we hooked up to start making and selling these things as part of the Cordial Churchman lineup. Needless to say, I was honored and started getting to work on my end of the bargain.

Andy certainly kept up his end, with beautiful photography, clean webstore presentation, and a proven brand cache. Hopefully the Cordies hold up to the Cordial Churchman name.

These Cordies (so named to avoid copyright infringement) are made from 550 paracord. Called 550 paracord because the test limit of the cord is 550 pounds (the military uses this for parachute rigging). So these not only look good, but they could save your life (or something else) if it came to it. Lots of people are selling paracord survival bracelets, but ours are the first paracord sunglasses retention system (that I know of). So head over to The Cordial Churchman. Buy early and buy often.

Here are some shots that didn't make the listing, but are amazing shots. When I look at some of these pictures I can't believe that I made them.

Enjoy. Let me know what you think. A big thanks to Andy and Ellie for all they did.


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Beardsley said...

Not my style, but stylish nonetheless. They look really nice. I hope that you are very successful with them!