Thursday, February 23, 2012

Old Man: Guaranteed to Last: First Look

A few days ago, a PR firm working for LL Bean sent me an email about the new book, Guaranteed to Last. They offered me a copy to review, and it arrived today. I got back from a run today and it was waiting for me. I had a training class tonight so I haven't fully delved into it yet, but here are a few shots and some initial thoughts.

Personalized letter from the PR director. Notice the nice footer of Bean Boots

Bubble wrapped, but you can still see how awesome this book looks.

The cover is canvas. It feels very good in hand.

Back cover.

Foreword (by Leon Gorman, current Chairman of the Board of LL Bean) - nice pages and pictures, easy to read print

The book has writing by the author (Jim Gorman) and scans of original ads and correspondence.

Yep, it talks about True Prep

"Drink Hearty, and remember the place you got this cup - L.L. Bean"

Overall, I really like this book. It looks nice, feels nice, and is very well written. The narrative is centered around L.L. Bean's life (at least so far), and each chapter focuses on an iconic L.L. Bean product that came around at that time. Examples include the Maine Hunting Boot (of course, as it was the founding product of LL Bean), The field coat, the boat and tote, and the Norwegian sweater.

The history is fascinating. Like I said I'm only halfway through the first chapter, but the personal history of LL combined with the history of the products give good insight into one of the coolest and most influential companies in American history. I'll be posting more in-depth reviews throughout this week and the following weeks, with focuses on content, book quality, and entertainment.

As of now, I can highly recommend this book. Available from LL Bean here.


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