Abbreviations and Acronyms

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* Many of these are bad attempts at jokes. Don't take them seriously.

AAAC/T: Ask Andy About Clothes/Trad: A forum talking about nice clothes, mostly suits. The Trad section was established in 2004 to cater to American nerds and British trolls.

BB: Brooks Brothers.

EDC: Every Day Carry. A phenomenon where guys post pictures of all the thousands of dollars they spend on gear and that they carry everyday. Usually knives, flashlights, wallets, and other stuff. Logically I love it.

FNB TI: Film Noir Buff, Talk Ivy. Another forum, this one run and mostly populated by Russell Street, a very intelligent, dedicated, and annoying British man who loves Ivy League clothes. He has many aliases, and no one really knows whether a fellow poster is actually a real person or a clone. 

LLB: LL Bean

LE: Lands End

OCBD: This is a two parter: OC and BD. OC is Oxford Cloth. It is a cotton weave usually found on dress or casual shirts. TNSIL style loves oxford cloth shirts. BD is button down, referring to the collar. You’ll often hear non-clothing nerds refer to any shirt that has a button front as a button-down shirt, but in nerdland it refers to a collar that has buttons on the point. These are usually reserved for casual shirts in other styles, but TNSIL will wear them with ties, even with suits.

PRL: Polo Ralph Lauren. The main Ralph Lauren line. Mostly prep and prep inspired. Mostly annoyingly branded.

RRL: Rodeo Ralph Lauren (this is what I think it means, others have different ideas, like Ricki and Ralph Lauren). This is the only line of Ralph Lauren that Ralph actually designs. It is mostly western inspired, though there have been collections designed around the sea, the military, and other manly things. Their clothes are ridiculously expensive, and some are just ridiculous, but their jeans are top notch and sell for pretty cheap on eBay.

TC: The Curriculum. Another forum. This one is mostly populated by former AAAC/T and FNB TI members who got frustrated with those forums for various reasons. It is invite only and a pretty nice place to talk about clothes. Talk to me if you want a good word.

TNSIL: Traditional, Natural Shouldered, Ivy-League. This is another way of describing the Trad style. Natural shouldered means that jackets lack the heavy padding of some other styles. They do usually have padding, but they are padded to make the shoulders more natural looking. Some casual jackets have no padding at all.

Trad: Who knows? Well, it’s an abbreviation for Traditional. It is usually used to describe the classic American style of the Ivy League campuses from the early 40’s to the late 60’s. Also includes some prep elements. This style includes tweed, sack-cut jackets (no darts in the jacket to make it fitted), flat front pants (khakis), penny loafers, regimental ties, and other natty things.

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